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Land of Lisp DSL

itinerary for our progress learning lisp

My Ruby Kickstart group wanted to learn another language over the winter break. We settled on Lisp through the Land of Lisp, because we enjoyed the video and were intrigued by the book's format.

To keep track of our itinerary, I wrote a DSL that generates a website. This goes in:

by 'Dec 24' do

  read "Interacting with the world: Reading and printing in Lisp" => 85-102 do
    supplement "write a function that reads in a dangerous manner"
    show "how such code could be exploited -- bonus points for creativity here (as opposed to insidiousness)"
    discuss "thoughts on homoiconicity"

  read "Lambda: A function so important it deserves its own chapter" => 103-106 do
    discuss "the similarities and differences between lambdas in Lisp vs other languages (if you have used them in other languages)"

  comment "enjoy Christmas!"


And this comes out: December 24th Screenshot

It is easily extendable such that you can have multiple output formats. In fact, there are three output formats: a simple text format, a simple html format, and the full site html format.