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parser 1 and 2 Aug 2013

kaprekar_kata Jun 2013

Fixed the name on my solution, fixed the rake task to run benchmarks, removed unused rake tasks

attrio May 2013

Removed some of the the core extensions (they were copied in from ActiveSupport), many could be replaced by just changing the calling code in one or two places, others I moved into a Helpers module so the core classes namespaces aren't polluted. This thread discusses the motivations.

cronscription May 2013

Turned it into a gem, added Bundler and SimpleCov, enhanced functionality to parse */n cron syntax.

package_control_channel May 2013

Added SeeingIsBelieving sublime integration to Sublime's Package Control Channel.

JumpstartLab May 2013

Spent a week helping teach at JumpstartLab, committed to some of their repositories while there.

Thor March 2013

Made the error messages more helpful when incorrectly invoked, did some minor refactoring.

has_tokens March 2012

Paired with Corey Haines at code and coffee one day. We extracted some code he had been using into its own gem.

figgy 1 and 2 February 2012

Fixed a bug due to using Symbol#=~ …just changed the implementation.

Gollum June 2011

Gollum is a personal wiki that I'm trying out, per suggestion by Andy Hunt in Pragmatic Thinking and Learning. I hooked it up to Pow, which meant I wanted a slightly different structure than the typical Gollum project. This had me using uncommon options which revealed a bug where page updates would execute code that raised a method missing error. A simple fix, once I understood how the tests work.

Pry April 2011

Pry is a very comprehensive repl that allows you to do things like view source code for any method including C methods and blocks, edit source code, view documentation, jump into and out of objects, and integrate well with the shell. When in shell-mode, it uses a shell oriented prompt, but when it returned it did not reset the prompt because it had lost all references to it. My patch resolved this by creating a prompt stack that you can push prompts onto and pop them off of, and updating the buggy code to use the prompt. Special thanks to banisterfiend for not only making this awesome lib, but also helping me figure out how to test it and submit my patch.

Tilt April 2011

My first real submission to OSS. Tilt provides a single interface to many different templating engines. It is used by Sinatra and many other gems to render templates into HTML. I discovered a bug while using the edge version with Sinatra, traced it back to Tilt, and ultimately submitted a patch to fix it, which was merged in right before the release of 1.3. Everyone was very helpful, especially Steve Klabnik and Konstantin Haase.

ripl January 2011

My first contribution to someone else's project. The link from the rubygems page to the github page was wrong. I figured out what it was and fixed it. It sounds trivial, but was a big step for me, familiarizing me with the process of submitting a patch to someone else's project.